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Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

dirty dryer vent

You may be thinking, “Why should I worry about this?” Let’s take a look at lint. Lint is made of up the fibers and dust from the clothes or items that you dry. And believe it or not, lint is extremely flammable.

Why You Should Get Your Chimney Cleaned (at least Every Year, if not more!)

dirty chimney sweep

Call 701-515-4684 It’s winter time and you have probably already been using your fireplace.  The question is when was the last time you cleaned the chimney yourself or had a professional do it?  In this article, we will talk about why you should get your chimney cleaned (at least every year), and how frequently it […]

Learn the Best Ways to Get Ready for Your Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweeping

Call 701-515-4684 Prepping for Your Chimney Sweep So why do I need to prep my home for a chimney sweep, you may be asking yourself?   Getting your home ready for your chimney sweep, allows us to do our job more efficiently and without incident.  No one wants anything to be damaged.  Nor do you want […]

The Best Firewood for Your Fireplace or Woodstove

Best Firewood to use in fireplace

We all know that wood burns. We also know that there are many species of woods available. But what types of wood are the best to use in your fireplace or woodstove? In this article, you will learn what the best types of wood to use in your fireplace