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Wood Stove Glass Cleaner

A safe, strong formula that removes the baked-on creosote, smoke, soot, and dirt from the glass on wood stoves, pellet…


Fireplace Mortar Repair

Multi-Purpose cements for bonding and sealing both masonry and metals with working temp up to 2000°F, designed for patching, repairing…


Gaskets for Wood Stove

Wood Stove Gasket.  Made of the Highest quality textured fiberglass yarn. They are 100% asbestos-free and will withstand temperatures up…


Single Flue Chimney Cap

Stainless Steel Single Flue <strong>Chimney Cap</strong>.  The top is 24-gauge stamped stainless steel.  3/4" mesh spark arrestor.  Proven to keep…


Anti-Creosote Spray

<strong>Anti-Creo-Soot</strong> (ACS) Creosote Removal Products are environmentally safe, non-toxic liquid catalysts that modify dangerous creosote.


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