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At Paxton Chimney Sweep & Repair, we know that chimney inspections are just as important as cleaning them.  


Ensuring your fireplace and chimney are clean and ready to use is what we do.  Whether you have a fireplace or woodstove, scheduling an annual cleaning and inspection is a must.  Soot and creosote build up lead to a bad thing – a chimney fire.  

When is the last time you had your chimney cleaned?  The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, recommend annual cleaning & inspection.  So why wait?  Schedule Now.

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Level I

A Level I Chimney inspection consists of a visual look inside the flue, the firebox, and the exterior of the fireplace and chimney.

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Level II

A Level II Chimney inspection consists of a special camera to look inside the flue, the firebox, and the exterior of the fireplace and chimney. This is highly recommended during all real estate transactions that have a fireplace in the home that is for sale.

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Level III

A Level III Chimney inspection consists of deconstructing the chimney or fireplace itself, or the surrounding building materials. This is usually done after a chimney fire or where there is major concern of failure within the chimney structure.


Every chimney cleaning company’s methods are different.  Here are 4 beliefs that make our chimney sweep service different:

#1. Education

During our visit, we will help you understand your fireplace and chimney.  We’ll also inform you of any problems we see, how to fix it and what you need to do to keep everyone safe.

#2. Safety

Safety for you and our tech is our top priority.  Our service is designed to keep your chimney system operating at its’ original state, and won’t be damaged.  If weather prohibits your cleaning, it will be rescheduled to ensure the safety  of our tech.

#3. Inspection

Every chimney and fireplace cleaning comes with a 50 point inspection.  Inspecting a dirty flue is pointless.  So we at the end we always perform a thorough inspection at no cost to you.

#4. No Mess

We treat your home like it was our own.  Before we start, we lay down floor coverings to protect your flooring.  Our tech also takes the time to prep the area, so there is no mess.  On average it will take 30-45 mins of prep work before cleaning begins.

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