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Before Sweeping:

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Explore the Benefits of

Annual Chimney Maintenance

Did you know that a lack of annual chimney cleaning can cause a disastrous chimney fire?  There are over 25,000 chimney fires every year in the U.S.

By having your chimney professionally inspected and swept, you can be at ease during the winter heating season. 

Most chimney fires go unnoticed until its too late.  

Annual chimney cleaning is just as important as getting your furnace and A/C serviced.  Chimneys are affected by weather, heat, cooling, expansion, and contraction which all can cause damage.  

Our professional chimney sweep has the knowledge and expertise in chimneys, woodstoves, and fireplaces.


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After Sweeping:

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Top 5 Reasons to

Hire a Professional Chimney Sweep:

  1. Reduce the risk & liability of a chimney fire.
  2. Your Insurance Company will be happy if you take care of your chimney/fireplace on an annual basis.
  3. Annual maintenance will help extend the life of your chimney & fireplace.
  4. Reduces air pollution
  5. We do the dirty & hazardous work for you!

Paxton's Chimney Sweep Process...

Our chimney sweeping process occurs mostly from the inside of the home.  On occasion, we will have to clean from the top down. 

We use a HEPA vacuum to minimize the mess from the soot and keep your house as clean as possible.  Our tech lays down canvas tarps to protect your flooring from any damage or soot.  

When there is an extreme amount of level III creosote, we use a special powder that is blown into the chimney that eats away the creosote.  On average, it takes about 2 hrs. to clean, but it may take longer.

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