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Learn the Best Ways to Get Ready for Your Chimney Sweep

Prepping for Your Chimney Sweep

So why do I need to prep my home for a chimney sweep, you may be asking yourself?  

Getting your home ready for your chimney sweep, allows us to do our job more efficiently and without incident.  No one wants anything to be damaged.  Nor do you want us taking longer than what it should be because we have to climb over items.

Check out the following ways to get ready for your chimney sweep appointment!

Chimney Sweep Fireplace Cleaning

Cool Down the Fireplace

In order for our technician can perform any services on your fireplace, it must be cool.  The best is to avoid using your fireplace for 48 hours before your appointment.  The bricks should be cool to the touch.  We cannot inspect or perform proper cleanings on a warm fireplace/chimney.

Remove Items on the Mantel

We ask that you remove all items on the mantel and around the fireplace.  Our technician tries to be very careful at all times.  The last thing we want to see is a valuable item broken.  So please remove your items and store them in another room until after your appointment.

Clear a Path

In order for our technician to perform his duties efficiently, he will need a minimum of a 10’x10′ clear working area.  If you have any furniture or personal items within 10′ of the fireplace, please move it.  

Protect Your Furniture

While our technician does his best to protect your flooring and keep as much soot contained, please cover nearby furniture.  No matter how best we try, there will always be a minimal amount of dust and soot that gets into the air.  So if you have white or light-colored furniture, definitely cover it.

Put your Pets in another room

If you have cats or dogs, please put them in another room until after your appointment.  The noise from our equipment may startle them…and trying to keep Fido out of the soot or from running out the door makes it difficult for our tech to do his best job for you.

Notify us about anything Unusual

If you have noticed any unusual odors or noises coming from the chimney, tell your sweep!  The best is if you write down all of your concerns and discuss them before our tech starts the cleaning and inspection process.

By knowing concerns before we begin, it gives an idea of where to look.  Your problem could be a simple item to fix or an extensive issue.

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